Hi, I’m Thalamus Charles,

I don’t want much from my life,
I just wanna die less stupid than i was born,
I’m not changed.
Nothing has changed.
I will die as stupid as i was born.

Thalamus Charles is the intellectual son born by the union of Paolo Cenciarelli and Pierluigi Amato. Charlie was born in 2017 and has just learned to speak. His education is entrusted to the experience of years of profession as editorial and advertising photographer and lecturer around academies and universities of Paolo Cenciarelli. Pierluigi Amato is teaching Charlie how to hold the pen, his camera, in his hands. Together Paolo and PG, Pierluigi’s nickname, are teaching Charlie how to be unique in language, Charlie is very curious and is looking for himself. What Paolo and Pierluigi really like about Charlie is that he does not want to express himself in just one way, he thinks it’s the case of being able to manage more situations with different communication languages but keeping his personality intact. Charlie is learning to ask and to pretend, he is very committed.

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