Thalamus Charles is a dynamic, integrated platform both physical space and accelerator dedicated to contemporary creative communication projects, nestled in the eternal city of Rome.

At Thalamus Charles, we empower businesses to elevate their visibility through inventive communication tools and productions, effectively disseminating their mission, services, and engaging stakeholders.

Our primary goals encompass enhancing brand awareness, fortifying distinctive brand voice and identity, crafting enduring messages and content that forge emotional and lasting connections.

Thalamus Charles takes pride in producing comprehensive content, navigating communication platforms, whether in-house or through a robust network of suppliers and professionals.

With Thalamus Charles Studio’s expertise in crafting and executing cross-media projects, we are dedicated to shaping developmental agendas.

In the realm of communication, we believe in not just meeting but creating new needs.


+39 06 80078 604

Via del Commercio, 12G

00154 | Roma | Italy